Review of the Airbnb app


Content first, Information hierarchy 

Airbnb helps users to make decisions efficiently from a large amount of information. First of all, the first page includes big images and texts which are the most useful information for users to help them find out the information they want or need efficiently and effectively. Also, it provides some recommendations which functions as ‘nudge’ for users to make their decisions more easily. Furthermore, the whole process creates the user flow from easy choices to difficult ones which helps users learn how to choose making them satisfied with their final decision.


Airbnb mobile app provides infinite scrolling to navigate information which helps users continue their behavior without a need of clicks. Though they can browse information simply by scrolling, it doesn’t seem to have enough affordance, especially in the page of room details. It would be better to give some hints to let users know that there are more information above the fold.

(good example: google app, users can see a bit of card information above the fold) Users are more likely to scroll down when they understand the context.
In addition, ‘map’ on the room details page is static allowing users to click only without scrolling while some other apps use map iframe. It is not recommendable in mobile scrolling navigation because users can scroll the map by a mistake even if they want to scroll the whole page.

Visual hierarchy

Airbnb user interface shows a clear visual hierarchy. For example, it hides advanced functions like <more filters> to highlight the most important information about rooms. Also, it always locate <request to book> and <check avaiblity> buttons on the most easily visible and clickable position for users.

Visual consistency

Light red colors on Airbnb app indicates clickable action and it is consistent in every page to make users to follow this kind of mental model quickly. It is not defined only to button UI but also applied to input text UI as well. With the visual consistency, it enhances usability of UI.




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