Review of the between app

Registration page


when users at the registration page even though their account or password are incorrect, however, the  system provides a message at the same page without redirecting to another extra page, so users don’t have to click back button again. This design has high usability in some specific situations for example: users who are not sure about their password and need to try a few times.
Nevertheless, in the situation of users typed the wrong password, the button next to input box does not change to “X” to erase wrong password,  it might cause some inconveniences when users need to correct their password.

Log Out

Assuming some situations such as the users who has more than one partner, they might need to switch two accounts on the same phone, accordingly, it shows how important of  log out function. When users attempt to log out, some of them tried to click the menu button at up right side.(three dots), but it turns out to be home picture setting.

Since the menu buttons cannot link me to log out page, I tried to click the top tab bar menu button (three lines), luckily it led me to the right place, neverthless, beforing clicking log out the two buttons [profile] and [setting]  appears it made users confusing  and not sure log out function is belonged to which categories.


Landing page:


Design for zero data, when new users who don’t have any data yet. under calendar category there has other two functions are special day and event, however, for new user might not understand the conceptual model of the app, system should try to integrate or clarify these two functions.

Our activity

Stay at the same page, when users scroling down there has one card about [Our activity], users can scroll left and right to get further infromation. However, when users use gesture , whole page slide to the next page.